Thursday, October 30, 2008

playing with my tablet

so... I've had a wacom for a while now... but i never really got the hang of it, and was quite comfortable with my bar of soap (mouse for the uninitiated). anyways... at work today, i was forced to color with a tablet, and was told I should practice on it more. and so I did. I decided to revisit a very old piece that I've had for quite some time as just line art. and... i fell in love with this thing. I understand now why people want to rock a tablet... and why they just can't go back to the bar of soap.. because for coloring purposes.. i can't see myself using the mouse no more either... heh... still finding out my way in coloring.. but I'm liking where I'm going with it... any crits would be very helpful. thank you for continuing to keep up with me.

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