This page is a showcase for the animations I have made.

This logo animation was one of my first logo animations I made ever. I was very happy with it
at the time and I wanted to share this as my first animation on this page.

Having fun in Cinema4D, this animation is basically matching up objects with the layout.
So I took a sphere, and rolled it down the street, and then dropped a cube.

This animation was done in Cinema4D. I took a car, and crashed it against the wall.
Because I thought it would be fun.

Program used: Cinema4D. Model was from some guy who handed this stuff over to
the GSG free model pack. Shout out goes to him. Thing is, the model wasn't rigged.
So what do I do? I take a bunch of nulls and put em in place, and had at it.
Because... it's a lego character... "life could be simple..."

Program used: Cinema4d. Continuing on with the Lego Man animation and his simple Rig.
I went for a backflip.

Program used: Maya. Using a free rig, I animated a character doing a side Kick. I then lit and rendered the scene, and compiled it in after effects.

Program used: Maya. Using a free rig, I animated this scene. I modelled the ring, lit and rendered. then compiled the scene in after effects.

Program used: After Effects. Gathering chroma key'ed videos and images from around web, I compiled this scene in After Effects. Currently there is no sound.

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