Thursday, February 25, 2010


yes, so now that i'm officially conked out of school, graduated with my masters degree! woot! i found some time to catch up with some art after work. guess what? i also decided to start posting up animation wips up here as well. figured, since i'm an animator, why the uhf not? right? i need to get over this fear that people are going to steal my work and claim it as their own.... but they're out there right?!?! it's not paranoia got damn! anywho... to celebrate this glorious occasion of recieving my masters degree, I shall post up some wips that i recently updated and will continue to work on until they're finished. I'm also going to start revisiting prior wips to get them to finished status so i can print them, and post them up on my wall proudly... and then start on the animations that should go along with it. That's right, I gots stories to tell! anyway, without any more fuss..

Wip #1: Blemish. this is a coloring in progress that i decided to take a drawing from a friend, and color his work. he's been waiting a long time for this one. and now that i'm done with school, it's definitely on the agenda. hope he likes what i got so far...

Wip #2: panda man. A pandaman wearing remixed korean clothing. stuff to do is add a background and tweak the lighting a bits... but yes, this will be worked on as i go.. i might scrap what i have and recolor the guy.. i don't know, i'm not really feelin it.. what do you guys think?

Wip #3: I-tien, one day poster number 2. if you guys look down in the previous posts, you'll see a lone tree within a snowy field. this is one of the characters for this story (animation) that i'm working on. anyway, i'm liking the direction this is goin in so I'm going to keep trucking and pull this one out.

anyway, crits are definitely welcome. and expect to see some animation from me soon as well. it's about time i set up this blog as a proper entry way to my forthcoming website... which will feature completed animations, as well as the content that's set up on this blog. I'm still a growing sapling and even though i'm starting to bud, i look to the sun moon and stars and say dammit i needs to grow faster!

slang folks!

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