Tuesday, January 24, 2012

W.I.P's in 3d!!!!

So, I've been practicing modeling, trying to step up my modeling ability so I can start working on some personal projects and post em up vs continuously showing what I did at the studio. If I want to move up, I feel this is a necessary step. that said, here's a couple of models i'm working on. With practice, I'll get better and better and actually be able to capture the essence of the character rather than trying to work with the front/side/back. to that effect, I've been modeling these characters without those guides and instead one piece of concept art. looking at them, I still got a ways to go. So, continuing to tweak as we go along.

"The Warrior's Way (working title)" character: Kelindas

"The Warrior's Way (working title)" character: Kelindas turn table
Little Madnis

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