Monday, November 7, 2011

Stuff I worked on vol 2

SO! not much time as passed, and this sorta feels like an art dump, BUT WHAT THE HELL! hahaha.. I haven't updated this blog like I should so I guess this is sort of to be expected.
I promise, doodles and illustrations will come back eventually.

as well as more personal animation projects, but that's going to be in time. and more likely when I reactivate my website.. yes. I have a website. it's not up to date, and it's a load of crap at the moment, so in the meanwhile. this blog suits me just fine.

with that, we move onto volume 2. where I present,

scenes I worked on in Family Guy entitled: "Stewie Goes for A Drive"

Before I go onto show my work, I would also like to say, other shows I have worked on such as "The Lebron's", the Past Season of "The Cleveland Show" and the series finale of "Batman: The Brave and The Bold" will be shown in future volumes. Thing is, I have to look for these shows first. The Lebron's don't come on Youtube in Korea (stupid country blocker getting in the way) and finding a decent looking version of Batman is hard to come by... I'll probably end up buying the dvd/bluray just for that.. of course, if I could get my scenes directly from my job that would be a blessing... as it turns out.. so far. no good. it's okay though, right now, I'm happy with just this. hopefully I won't get in trouble for showing stuff that's already aired right?

so without further adieu, onto the scenes!

For Family Guy:

So this first scene was very cool. Why? because I did everything except the character animation here. hahahaha! Yup. The three extra cars, Brian's Prius and the Background including camera work was done by yours truly. The Prius was done on a motion path, while the three cars in the background were done like the scenes in The Cleveland Show premier. This scene was also one of my first pains. because I had to mix match so many separate animations at one time it became something of a chore. the Camera was probably the biggest issue here. the pan to the side was a pain because the Prius was on a curve but it still looked more like it was sliding to the right rather than driving. So i had to adjust both the curve and the camera until they matched. I also had to adjust the background by moving it a little bit so it would have the illusion of being bigger than it actually was. Not to mention other adjustments made to the background in regards to scale, position, etc. In the end though, I was still very happy to have worked on this scene!

the next scene I worked on was Stewie actually crashing into the lamp post. I had a lot of fun just going on youtube and actually looking at crash tests for the Prius, just to see the car crashing in motion. for this scene I made two versions, one with the crushed front, the next without.

this next shot was much like the mobile from the season premier. I had to make these images huge. this is mainly because the camera animations were done by the compositing team unlike the first scene in this post where it was done in XSI.

these three were interchanging flats that were used for these sequence of scenes. If when you're watching this episode and you see these three shots of the cars, they were done by me.

These last two shots are interesting to me in that they were done using a completely different program than what we normally use for Family Guy. Normally, we use XSI Softimage for our 3d Scenes. the toon shader is just better, but for these two scenes, we actually jumped to Maya.
I assume we did this to test out whether or not our scenes would look as good as it does in XSI. does it? you be the judge. I used to be a huge Maya advocate, but continuing to work with XSI, I'm slowly coming around to seeing the benefits of animating in that program. Not to say that Maya doesn't have it's own strengths. it's just XSI seems like I'm less fighting with the software and just digging more into animation where as every once in a while with Maya, I'll find myself a tad frustrated because I feel like the software just wants to be a pain in my ass.

the second picture also shows something that we do as part of the CG team. Sometimes matching a 2d animation and a 3d animation can be a pain. a serious one at that. So if the character isn't moving around as much and they're basically 2d flats they send us the still image to put in the vehicle. less headache for them and just one more thing for us to render. (^ ^)V

so.. that wraps up vol. 2.

stay tuned for more updates! and I'll try to actually stay on top of this blog.

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