Monday, November 7, 2011

Stuff I worked on Part 1.

So, working at Emation, I've been working on a lot of shows. It's crazy hectic but I'm steadily getting better in my craft. or at least, that's what it feels like... anyway, at emation, I've been working on the CG aspects of these animated tv shows. Mostly that revolves around vehicles; ie cars, helicopters, etc. so there hasn't been much character animation.

that isn't to say I've haven't done any at all... I just can't disclose everything.

that said the purpose of these posts are to show you the scenes I did for the stuff that has already aired:

in part 1; the screenshots of scenes I worked on in The Cleveland Show entitled "BFF's" and Family Guy entitled "Lottery Fever." along with brief descriptions will be provided.

For The Cleveland Show:

the two animations below were very basic animations done in XSI. basically took the cars, pointed them in the direction I wanted them to go, and set the tangents to linear and made the curves gradients. this made the work load easy by simply making it so I don't have to worry about a beginning or ending key. and all that was necessary was just playing with the timing.

this first shot is where Cleveland leaves for Quahog to look for Peter.

the second, the scene where he arrives at Quahog.

For Family Guy:

I had a more active role in regards to animated scenes compared to the Cleveland Show.
again, the work was done in XSI.

The first shot was Peter pulling into his driveway.

The second was Lois pulling into the driveway.

For the first two shots, the biggest challenge for me was the timing of the stops. As these scenes aren't very long in time, the two cars initially pulled into the driveway way too fast. The solution of course, was continually playing with the curves as well as the secondary motion of the car body. The second was matching the perspective. Because it can sometimes be tricky, as the layout almost always never matches the perspective shown in the storyboard. So adjustments
almost always needs to be made.

if you remember my post about GI Joe Renegades, then you would recall my explanation about
"flats". In this scene, the Rolls-Royce was placed within the shot.

this next shot was a very fun one for me, in that there are two things here that I worked on.
not just placing the Rolls-Royce in the scene as well as the Giant Mobile. But also, I had to render this thing out as a HUGE image sequence. This is because the scene initially starts out with a close up on Stewie and Brian and then trucks out to reveal this giant thing in the sky. and it was also fun because of it's simplicity. I just enjoyed working on this scene a lot.

the final scene I worked on in this episode was that little banana yellow car you see driving past. much like The Cleveland Show scenes, this was done in the same manner.

So! that's it for now, stay tuned for Vol 2, coming after this.

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