Wednesday, September 10, 2014

So here we are.

Many things have been happening in my life all at once these days. I got married. Had a kid about a year ago. WOW! I'm a dad. It's crazy. but professionally? What have I been doing? Well, teaching and Freelancing! I'm contemplating uploading a showcase of my student's work in the near future but for now, this blog is still my online portfolio.

So as to that, I've made a few changes and rearranged some things!

I added Graphic Design work! Feel free to check it out in the tab above.

Anyway, as to how things will be going along:  I'm going to try to update this site on a biweekly basis. Every other Sunday.

I'll be adding more animation soon as well. Including a new demo reel! My new reel will consist of my more recent work that I have done this year.

pay attention to the home page as this will be the place I upload gesture sketches, line art, and random thoughts!

Also, because I've been nagged to death about it, I will upload several tutorials on my workflow.

All will be coming in the very near future. Please look out for it!

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