Sunday, April 24, 2011

a short update...

just a couple of things to show first before we get down to business.

jaguar in 3d. maya and photoshop. model was not done by me. the pose and some of the effects were.

a design I made that's far from finished but will represent my header when completed.
I might replace the character with my original madnis mascot...

onto something a bit more interesting... My Job description.

When I tell people I worked on certain shows, ie (Family Guy, Gi Joe, Cleveland Show, The LeBron's, as well as other shows that can't be mentioned yet...) people get excited, thinking I worked on the character animation of the show, this is however untrue. though i have worked on these shows, my job was that of a 3d animator. That said, for the most part, the stuff that I work on in these shows are mainly the 3d aspects of the show. And for these types of shows, thats mainly (but not entirely) about vehicles and complex background animation. I also place 3d objects within the scene. Such as a vehicles or other background elements depending on what the storyboard calls for.

in this post, the following are some screen shots of Gi Joe Renegades, where I did just that. I worked on this show at my previous job place, studioB (no relation to StudioB located in Canada)
where they collaborated with JM animation on this particular show.

disclaimer: Gi Joe Renegades is the property of Hasbro and Darby Prop Productions. The work I did on these shows were when I was employed at StudioB working jointly with JM animation.

These first two images are examples of how I would take a 3d object and place it within the scene. This sort of thing is called "flats". Here the truck being the 3d object is placed within the layout as part of the background. The shots are from episode 5: "The Return of the Arashikage: part 1."

in these shots, taken from Episode 6: "Homecoming: Part 1" are examples of the vehicle animation that I work on in these television shows. In these shots, I animated the truck or if it was also in the storyboards, the automated Drones as well.

Well that about wraps it up for this week!
Tune in the next time as I continue to update with more work that I did at my previous studio. as well as, (if i can find a way to compress it cleanly and beautifully...) my latest demo reel. and of course, more drawn work. both completed illustrations or my favorite stuff.. the wips..


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