Friday, May 6, 2011

quick update.

sorry, won't be showing any work today... still in the prepping stages to be shown. They're video! yay~~~

having said that.. I'm just going to talk about something that's been buggin me as of late. you see..
I work at this studio. and it's very draining. i'm mentally drained by the end of every day and I don't really get in the mood to do my personal stuff.. i'm also filled with stress because of all the work i have to do at the studio + retake shots that come in that compound the work load... so everything I need to do still is on the back of my mind + more stuff continually coming in.. just knowing what's on the horizon really gets the groan out of me...

this brings me to my point... if you're going to work at an animation studio

you need excellent time/management skills. you need to be flexible enough that you can juggle several things at once, and you need to realize.. this will drain you. and you will also be stressed when team leaders start pulling you in several directions at once. that said..

you need a good outlet. the video game outlet is starting to fail me.. i don't have the patience to sit through a video game anymore. watching shows is okay.. but it doesn't really relieve stress... so i recommend something physical. hence..

me starting to get more serious into this P90X thing. yeah i dabbled in it at first. but I think i'm going to take it more seriously, and force myself to actually do this. especially Yoga X... just focusing on the here and now, and forgetting the world for that 1 hour 35 minutes really did wonders for me when i was dabbling with it earlier this year.

so yeah. be on the look out.. videos will be posted soon. with more things to talk about job related wise...

peace everybody!

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